We are moving to TEXAS!!! 20% off sale going on NOW!!! We are still shipping anywhere in California for $29




**We DO NOT ship on Holidays, during Extreme Weather, or if our Dry Ice Supply runs low** If we run out of Dry Ice, we will ship your order the following week.


We are now Flat Rate shipping to California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona!

Your shipment will arrive frozen and packed with dry ice within 2 days of your ship date. We use top of the line, custom made, IPC Greenliners to insulate our boxes and assure that your beef arrives safely and ready to transfer to your home freezer

​Our Recommendations:
Purchase at least 9lbs of beef to help keep everything frozen during transit. This is not a requirement but highly recommended.

Don't let your delivered package sit out upon delivery, get everything moved to the freezer as soon as possible.

All of our meat is flash frozen, wrapped in vacuum sealed packaging for prolonged freshness and shipped to you with care in our custom boxes with biodegradable thermal liners and packed with Dry Ice. Some of the edges on the beef may soften, this is OKAY! Your beef is still safe to move to the freezer. As long as your order is still very cold, you're still in the food safe zone.

Upon shipping you will receive a UPS tracking number to follow your beef's journey from the ranch to your door.

NON-PERISHABLE ORDERS: Non-meat items (Jerky, Dry goods, Hats, etc.) will be sent ground unless you choose overnight delivery.

These orders can take 1-5 days for delivery

Rates: Rates are Shown and Selected at Check Out